I am one person in one place at one time. My experiences and perceptions are limited and colored by the environment in which I live. Therefore, it would be profoundly arrogant of me to think that I can best grow in the knowledge of God through Scripture by myself.

Certainly the Holy Spirit is graciously given to all God’s children to enable us to comprehend and be conformed to the truths of the Bible. Nevertheless, one of the primary means of grace God uses in the process of our transformation is the universal-historical community of believers. Within that community, God graciously provides leaders of few and leaders of many to equip the saints for the work of ministry.

It is a humbling thing for me to read a book. Most books take at least several hours of combined time to process, and I have to forsake other distractions in order to focus and benefit from what I am reading. Most of all, I can’t talk back. I am forced to just listen, patiently follow and receive, to think another man’s thoughts after him.

One of the new desires placed into the heart of every believer is the desire to think God’s thoughts after him. Let’s pursue humility by receiving the thoughts of those who have led us and spoken the word of God to us in the most enduring of all earthly mediums: the book.

A Monergism Books  Reader’s Guide  for the Christian Life

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